​​​​​                                                                                            MAT ATTACK 

​                                                                             NEW LAUNCH DATE JULY 14 2018


first ever Mix It Up Sports new project called "Mat Attack" Amateur Wrestling , Nogi and Gi Submission grappling tournament. $50 one division $60 two divisions $65 three divisions.  Example 155 Nogi, 155 Gi, 170 Nogi . Application coming soon .  TOP 3  AWARDS IN EACH DIVISION MUST GRAPPLE TO GET A MEDAL  "SPECTATORS $10 " CONCESSIONS ALL DAY

​​Event Schedule

Amateur Wrestling rules mirror VHSL as well as weight classes plus 3 EXAMPLE 106+3= 109 lbs

Middle School Weight class same 70+3 =73 lbs


9 – 10:15 AM: Registration and Weigh-ins

11:00 AM: Rules Meeting

11:30 AM: Competition Begins

 Match Length

White & Beginner No-Gi: 4 minutes

Blue / Purple Belt & Intermediate No-Gi:  6 minutes
Brown / Black Belt & Advanced No-Gi:  8 minutes

Weight Classes

To ensure all contestants have an opportunity to compete, weight classes within the same skill level may be merged without notification by the event coordinator in the event of low participation in a weight class(es).  In the event of low participation in their division, participants that qualify for the 30+ divisions have the option to compete in an under-30 division of the same skill level and/or higher weight class.

Men / 30+

Rooster: Up to 122.5
Super Feather: 122.6 – 135.5
Feather: 135.6 – 149.0
Light: 149.1 – 162.0
Middle: 162.1 – 175.5
Medium Heavy: 175.6 – 188.5
Heavy: 188.6 – 202.0
Super Heavy: 202.1 – 215.0
Ultra Heavy: Over 215.0


Super Feather: Up to 113.50
Feather: 113.6 – 124.5
Light: 124.6 – 135.5
Middle: 135.6 – 147.0
Medium Heavy: 147.1 – 158.0
Heavy: Over 158.0


Event order will be posted after registration closes.


Beginner: Up to 2 years (white belts only).
Intermediate: 2 – 5 years, 2 or more years previous grappling art experience (wrestling) or blue belt.
Advanced: Over 5 years, or purple belt and above.


Men’s Advanced No Gi Divisions
Women’s Advanced No Gi Divisions
30+ Advanced No Gi Divisions
Men’s Intermediate No Gi Divisions
Women’s Intermediate No Gi Divisions
30+ Intermediate No Gi Divisions
Women’s Beginner No Gi Divisions
Women’s Novice No Gi Divisions
Men’s Beginner No Gi Divisions
30+ Beginner No Gi Divisions
Men’s Novice No Gi Divisions
Men’s Black Belt Divisions
Men’s Brown Belt Divisions
Women’s Black Belt Divisions
Women’s Brown Belt Divisions
Women’s Purple Belt Divisions
Women’s Blue Belt Divisions
Women’s White Belt Divisions
30+ Black Belt Divisions
30+ Brown Belt Divisions
30+ Purple Belt Divisions
Men’s Purple Belt Divisions
30+ Blue Belt Divisions
Men’s Blue Belt Divisions
30+ White Belt Divisions
Men’s White Belt Divisions

 Simplifed Point System

The simplified 1 point/1 advantage point system removes many of the ambiguities of more complex scoring systems.  Contestants are rewarded for position motivated takedowns, sweeps, and reversals, achieving, advancing in, and maintaining position, as well as consistent and effective attempts at submissions while in a dominant position or while maintaining an active attacking guard.


1 Point -   

Successful Takedown or Throw (independent of resulting position once on ground)
Advancement to a dominant position or transition from a less dominant position to a more dominant position. Positions must be secured for 3 seconds before a point is awarded.

Least Dominant

Side Control - any position where the legs of the attacker does not break the plane of the defender’s body (ie. standard side control, scarf hold, etc.) & North/South Position
Knee on Belly – Any position where one leg breaks the plane of the defender’s body in a controlling manner but does not cross to the other side of the body of the defender.
Full Mount – Any position where one leg of the attacker breaks the plain of the defender’s body and passes to the other side of the body with the attacker’s body mostly centered on top of the defender (low, high, S-mount, Fatman, etc.)
Back – Hooks or body triangle must be secured

Most Dominant

- A point will be awarded to competitors that transition from a less dominant position to a more dominant position.  

- Points will not be awarded to the competitor in a dominant position if during a scramble due to a successful escape attempt the competitor in the dominant position ends up in a less dominant position.  The competitor previously in the dominant position will gain a point if he/she regains a different or the same dominant position after a successful defender initiated escape.

-Points will not be awarded if competitor transitions to a less dominant position without being accompanied by a submission attempt and then regaining the same dominant position.

 1 Advantage Point (1 point will be awarded at the end of the match for every 3 Advantage Points) 

Attempted Takedown or Throw where opponent must defend or be taken down
Attempted submission where opponent must defend or be submitted


If both contestants end up with equal scores after AP points are awarded, the raw score will determine the winner.


The match is 3/0 – 2/3 = 3/0 – 3/0 The winner will be the participant with the raw score of 3/0.
The match is 3/0 – 2/4 = 3/0 – 3/1 The winner will be the participant with the raw score of 2/4 because there is no tie after AP points are awarded.
If the raw scores are equal (ie. 3/5 – 3/5 = 4/2 – 4/2) a two minute overtime will determine the winner.  The score will be reset to 0/0 – 0/0.
If a tie results at the conclusion of the 2 minute overtime, the Referee will determine the winner based on aggressiveness, submission attempts, and position during the overtime portion of the match only.


Warnings:  Warnings will be issued with no point penalty for infractions such as illegal grips, illegal position that is corrected immediately (ie. inadvertent reaping of knee), or stalling/inactivity.

Stalling:  Occurs when a competitor purposely delays progression of the match by maintaining a position for an extended period of time without any attempt of improving position or submission attempts.  Failure to engage, purposely avoiding, or disengaging from an opponent for no reason qualifies as stalling.

Point Penalties: Points will awarded to the participant the foul was committed against.  Either Advantage Points or Full Points can be awarded at the discretion of the referee based upon the degree of the infraction.  Points are awarded for the offender not correcting or repeating actions that resulted in a warning or blatant violation of rules that is eventually corrected.

Disqualification: A competitor can be disqualified at the discretion of the Referee for unsportsmanlike conduct, flagrant violation of the rules that could result in participant injury, continued violation of rules, conduct of coaches, or any other disruptive or inappropriate conduct.

The Referee:  Referee decisions are final.


Grappler X and Grappler Y begin their match (Score 0P/0A to 0P/0A). 
X attempts a takedown where Y falls and immediately stands back up in defense (1 AP)   (0/1 – 0/0).
Y successfully jumps guard and X is now in Y’s guard (0/1 – 0/0).
Y attempts an arm bar (1 AP) and triangle (1 AP) combination where X must defend both to avoid being submitted (0/1 – 0/2). 
Y attempts another arm bar but does not have proper placement or leverage to submit (0 AP)  (0/1 – 0/2).
X successfully executes a double under guard pass (0 points) and establishes side control for 3 seconds (1 point) (1/1 – 0/2). 
X attempts a paintbrush submission where Y must defend (1 AP) (1/2 – 0/2).
X secures knee on belly position for 3 seconds (1 point) and attempts a collar choke where Y must defend to avoid being submitted (1 AP). (2/3 – 0/2)
Y reverses X (0 points) where X ends up with half guard (2/3 – 0/2)
Y performs a knee cut pass (0 points) and establishes low mount (1 point)  (2/3 – 1/2)
Y establishes high mount (0 points)  (2/3 – 1/2)
Y moves back to side control (0 points) and re-establishes high mount (0 points) (2/3 – 1/2)
Y attempts front collar choke where X must defend (1 AP) (2/3 – 1/3)
Y establishes S-mount (0 point) (2/3 -  1/3)
Y attempts a bow and arrow choke where X must defend (1 AP)  (2/3 – 1/4)
Y transitions to X’s back (0 point) and gets hooks in (1 point) (2/3 – 2/4)
Y attempts a rear choke where X must defend (1 AP) (2/3 – 2/5)
Time ends on the match. The final raw score is (2/3 – 2/5) resulting in a final score of (3/0 – 3/2) where one point is awarded for every three advantage points earned.  Y wins the match.

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